Types of Businesses that Need Professional Indemnity


Business is, even without unforeseen mishaps, a complicated affair. The nature of this complication becomes all the more intense when businesses scale up, or start offering services and solutions which have an impact on the livelihood, safety and security of others.

When mistakes in these types of industries arise, businesses can be put under immense pressure from personal indemnity claims, which makes having the right kind of cover and legal expertise on hand a crucial affair for them. But some businesses have a greater need for this than others.

So if you operate in any industries that offer the following types of services, you should ensure that you are prepared in the event that claims are made against you.

Advice and Consultancy

Whenever expert advice is given to a client (such is done in the financial and business consultancy sectors), there is always a risk of such advice having adverse results for the client.

When expertly given advice leads to substantial losses, clients may seek to make claims against you for compensation of losses incurred due to any mistakes on your part.

Expert Services

When providing expert services, any errors in designs or calculations may result in incurred losses for your client.

Your design may have oversites that render the solution dangerous, and when injuries are sustained as a result, your firm may be held liable by the client.

Information Handling

Information of a sensitive nature should always be adequately protected from loss, harm or infiltration by a third party. It should also always be used with a certain level of trust (for example it shouldn’t be sold off to a third-party for lead generation).

If your business is mistakenly (or purposefully) at fault when mishandling the information of your clients, you may be held liable for it.

A Matter of Compliance

Highly specialised and risky industries often require that businesses cover themselves against professional indemnity claims as part of their expected compliance to industry standards.

These may include IT consulting, accounting, architecture, engineering, risk management and more. In such cases either your clients or a regulatory body may insist that you are properly covered before even conducting business.

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Claiming from the Road Accident Fund can be a very tedious and a very draining process, which could consume a large amount of your time. It may seem easier to just accept what they offer you so that you can close this chapter of your life and begin to find the healing that you so righteously deserve. But if you or your attorney believe that you deserve a great sum of financial compensation, it is in your best interest to push forward with the fight to protect your financial security in the future.
Financial Security
It is understandable that after some time dealing with your Road Accident Claim and all the new changes and challenges in your personal life, that when it’s time for it to come to an end that you would welcome it. It is understandable that you need your energy to heal your wounds, the visible ones and the emotional ones. However, you need to put your best interests first, and your best interests are being financially stable to ensure that you will be able to take care of yourself. Unfortunately, that might mean that you will need to continue your fight.
Fighting Your Fight
The best thing that you can do for yourself is to push through every challenge that presents itself because you can rest assured that you will be doing the best thing for yourself in the long run. Any attorney well practiced in RAF claims understands that these cases are exceptionally draining on everyone involved, but that is why they will go the extra mile to ensure that their client receives the financial compensation that they deserve. To continue the fight to receive the right amount is so important. This is to ensure that you have an independent future without falling into debt to try support yourself because work might not always be an option for some people.
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When it comes to something as confusing and as unpleasant as claiming from the RAF it is best to ensure that you have a great attorney that is there to support you as well as have your best interest. Ensure that you have the best legal representation with Munro Flowers and Vermaak Attorneys by contacting them today!

Lately consumers and patients have realised that they have a voice, and that they have the power to make a difference to the world. This is true for people taking action to ensure that companies do not have the ability to take advantage of unsuspecting people. This is just as true when it comes to the abilities and competence of medical professionals and institutions. Individuals and families that have been victim to negligent medical professionals have been taking action against these negligent parties to seek justice for the avoidable suffrage that they have experienced.
Was It A Medical Error?
There is a difference between medical negligence and a medical error. Medical negligence is when the doctor has offered the patient subpar medical treatment, such as prescribing the incorrect medication to a patient knowing the risks of avoidable reactions and consequences, or authorising and performing a medical procedure that the patient did not consent to.
A medical error happens when the consequences of medical treatment occurs during the course of the patient’s medical treatment. This is not due to a doctor or medical provider offering medical treatment below an expected standard. These are the unforeseen and unavoidable risks that accompany medical treatment.
Claiming for Medical Negligence
In the event of a case of medical negligence, the patient or the family that has experienced suffrage have the right to lodge a claim against the medical offender. The best thing to do is compile your evidence to prove your case, and find legal representation. Your legal representation will guide you and your case through each step and ensuring that you are making the correct claim against the offender.
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If you or a loved one has suffered due to the negligent actions of a medical practitioner or medical institution, ensure that you receive the right compensation with professional legal assistance. Be sure to contact Munro, Flowers and Vermaak Attorneys for excellent medical negligence legal assistance.

What is professional indemnity insurance?

Also referred to as professional liability insurance, professional indemnity insurance covers the legal cost and expenses suffered in your defence.

Do you need professional indemnity insurance?

Most professions require to have a professional indemnity insurance. Even if you are not obligated to have PI insurance, you could be liable for thousands of rands worth of compensation payments and legal fees – as well as the loss of income from the time spend defending.

You are probable to need professional indemnity insurance if:

  • You would like to be protected against claims of negligence or mistakes in work you have done for your client.
  • You give professional advice or services to your clients.
  • Your industry requires you to have it.
  • You are a consultant, contractor, freelancer or self-employers and your client has asked you to arrange PI insurance in order to take the contract over.

What does personal indemnity insurance cover?

PI insurance covers allegations against individuals for a violation of a professional duty. However, depending on the policy take. Personal indemnity insurance cover may extend to:

  1. Defamation of character,
  2. Damages arising from fraud,
  3. Misleading conduct,
  4. Defence costs surrounding claims,
  5. And breach of intellectual property rights.

What you need to do

Averting is better than correcting, so attempt to make sure you are never in a position to have an allegation made against you. This can include keeping up to date with updated requirements, in the fields that you provide advice.

One way to avoid the risk of a potential claim is to ensure all projects are well documented, specifically in areas that have high risk as well as follow ups in order to minimise the risk to your client. In addition, communication should clearly specify responsibilities and areas of potential debates are underlined and dealt with immediately.


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The Road Accident Fund was set up in accordance with South African law to assist those who have been involved in motor-accidents on South African roads. Whether claiming for damages, medical expenses or when making third-party claims, many South African citizens have gotten theirs back through the fund.

Most of the time, cases brought forward to the Road Accident Fund are straightforward and fairly simple to define. But what happens in cases where the guilty party cannot be identified or found. Are you able to make claims in cases where injuries and damages have been sustained in a hit & run?

Victim of a Hit & Run? You Can Claim

Hit and run victims have the right to make a claim, just as any other victim of a road accident. This includes those who are motorists, cyclists, motorcyclists, passengers as well as pedestrians.

In such cases where serious injuries are the result of the accident, claims can be made. The nature of serious injuries is often a matter of circumstance, but may include impairment of over 30% of the body, disfigurement, mental impairment, loss of bodily functions and also the loss of an unborn child.

Death can also be a reason to claim, on the grounds that it may upset the livelihood of the families, and may incur expensive funeral arrangements.

In cases of a hit and run, medical expenses can be claimed under the following conditions:

Did the Accident Occur on a South African Road?

Naturally, to make a claim with the road accident fund, the accident needs to have taken place while travelling on a South African road. This means that claims for injuries sustained while outside of the country’s borders cannot be claimed for.

Was the Other Driver Negligent or Driving Illegally?

If it can be proven that the other driver was driving in a dangerous fashion, or indeed was driving in such a way as to not be in accordance with South African road laws, you can make a claim. A hit and run is, of course, in contravention of the law, giving you a case.

Have You Reported the Matter to the Police?

Before starting the process of making a claim, the incident needs to first be reported to the South African police so that a case can be opened and investigated. If the matter is not, for any reason, reported to the proper authorities, it hampers your chance of making a claim.

Looking for Assistance with Claims?

Making a Road Accident Fund claim sounds like it should be straightforward enough, but without the proper legal representation you could hurt your chances of a successful claim. If you would like trusted, professional assistance with the matter, contact a representative from Munro Flowers & Vermaak Attorneys, or visit our website for details.