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In today’s society, many people think that it is possible to sue for compensation whenever an injury occurs, that windfall damages are awarded automatically by the courts, and reputations ruined for no good reason. This is not the case.

Ligitation can be a difficult and stressful process for all concerned and injured people often express the view that all they want to do is wind the clock back to the time before the injury and to put their lives back on track.

We offer our clients, responsible and practical advice on the litigation process, so that they can make an informed decision!


The Practice

Munro Flowers and Vermaak will fight for you! Our staff are helpful, professional and have the knowledge to steer your case in the right direction – best of all, we work on a NO WIN NO FEE basis!

The practice consists of two partners being Stephen Flowers and Karen Vermaak, both of whom have been practising personal injury law for 30 odd years as well as having lectured Third Party Law ie. the law surrounding claims against the Road Accident Fund under auspices of the Law Society for 13 of those years. Besides the partners, the firm is made up of a number of professional staff (qualified lawyers), support staff and medical advisors.