Munro Flowers and Vermaak act on a “no-win, no-fee” basis in terms of the Contingency Fee Act 66 of 1997.
The practical effect of a contingency fee agreement between attorney and client is that the attorney accepts the risk of being unsuccessful and as such will only be entitled to charge a fee upon the successful finalisation of the case.

By virtue of this, MFV will pay all the disbursements and costs necessary in order to successfully prosecute a claim on your behalf, which costs may include obtaining hospital and medical records, expert medical advice, securing experts to testify at your trial and advocates well versed in personal injury litigation.

Upon the successful finalisation of your case, as a success fee, we will be entitled to charge up to double our normal hourly rate, to a maximum of 25% of the capital award, whichever is lesser. We also proceed to recover the expenses incurred on your behalf which will then be reimbursed to you in the extent that we achieve such recovery.

Should your claim be unsuccessful, no fees or disbursements are payable by you to MFV for the services rendered.
The contingency fee agreement entered into with MFV is in strict compliance with the Contingency Fee Act 66 of 1997. Contingency fee agreements are one of several manners in which a claimant may finance their claim being handled by MFV.

Further information on other options will be fully discussed in your initial consultation with your attorney.

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