Settlements in all cases are dependent on the particular facts of the case and the ability to prove those facts.

  1. A case involving a catastrophic event occurring in casualty and subsequently in ICU of a 7-year-old child which left the child spastic quadriplegic, was settled in a total amount of R28 260 000.

  3. Nursing staff incorrectly administered medication causing tissue to die in the victim’s dormant right arm ultimately resulting in an amputation of the right arm, and MFV achieved a settlement of R20 500 000.

  5. MFV has prosecuted a number of wrongful birth cases where the doctor failed to detect a genetic defect during pregnancy. In one particular case, the defect was that of spina bifida and the parents suffered damages which settled in the amount of R23 675 000 in order to support the disabled child for the rest of the child’s life.

  7. MFV has prosecuted a number of birth asphyxia cases. The value of the awards/settlements is highly dependent upon the life expectancy of the child. The awards achieved have ranged from R4 500 000 in cases where life expectancy was severely restricted, to R23 000 000.

  9. MFV recently finalised a medical negligence claim whereby the negligence of a vascular surgeon during routine surgery lead to the client suffering a through-the-knee amputation R8 600 000.

  11. MFV has prosecuted a number of Road Accident Fund Claims where the injured parties have sustained severe head injuries. Successful claims under the current legislation for this type of injury have been settled by MFV for up to R9 700 00.

  13. MFV has prosecuted a number of loss of support claims against the Road Accident Fund where the breadwinner was killed as a result of the negligent driving of another party. MFV has successfully prosecuted and settled claims for loss of support up to R6 300 000.